The Ancient Egyptian Race Controversy

Black Egyptians sets out to prove once and for all that Black Africans started and inhabited the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. This is the book to finally solve the Ancient Egyptian race controversy. Drawing on a wealth of sources including Nuwaupu, genetics and archaeology, the author combines conventional and unconventional Egyptology together to form a unique record of Egyptian history and set the stage for Black Africans to unite under one common creed.

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Yet I am the Lord thy God from the land of Egypt, and thou shalt know no god but me: for there is no saviour beside me. [Hosea 13:4]

Ancient Egyptians Were Black. *THE FINAL PROOF!*


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1. The False Representation of Egypt
2. Extraterrestrial Origins
3. A Gap in time
4. Ancient Egypt & African Tribes – Sudan
5. Ancient Egypt & African Tribes – Nigeria
6. Ancient Egypt & Africa
7. Ancient Egypt and Meso-America
8. The present Egyptian population
9. Introduction to physical anthropology and archaeogenetics of African people
10. Anthropometric and genetic analysis of Egypt


~ Harriet Esi Awofisan

"I'm really enjoying it so far... This is really enlightening... I've got so many questions for you. This book ..... it's making me question life!"

~ Samuel Bajomo

" As opposed to a polished novel by a major publisher, ‘Black Egyptians’ is a raw and genuine insight into the mind of the self confessed Nuwabian."

~ Stylezz

"Honestly though, who wouldn't want to state claim decendancy to arguably The most wonderous of civilisations! However we are now in the information age. Despite coverted efforts the truth is STILL out there, if you want to know. ."

“Egypt is in Africa, Egyptians are Africans and there is now overwhelming evidence that ancient Egyptians have a black African origin”. [Bauval and Brophy]

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Egypt: End of The Black Dynasties

The long awaited sequel to Black Egyptians

Author's Note

There is a concentrated effort to hide the greatness of the Ancient Egyptian civilization from their descendants, black African people. The statues were vandalised, pictures fabricated and many academics refuse to acknowledge Black Africans as the creators of Ancient Egpyt for it wouls shatter their version of history and topple their power structure. The truth of Black Egypt is revealed by many including Herodotus, Cheikh Anta Diop, James Cowles Prichard, Herbert Wendt, Bauval/Brophy, Dr Malachi York and Ivan Van Sertima. It is part of my mission to teach my people our true way of life and carve a better future. On that note I give you, BLACK EGYPTIANS!